Advisory Committee on Business Appointments

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Message from the Advisory Committee

Welcome to the website of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments.

The Advisory Committee acts independently to advise the Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary and former Ministers on applications made to it under the Business Appointment Rules, about appointments former Ministers, senior civil servants and other Crown servants wish to take up on leaving government.

It is long-standing government policy that it is in the public interest that those with experience in government should be able to move into business or other areas of public life and it is equally important that in the taking up of an appointment, there is no cause for suspicion of impropriety.

The Government's Business Appointments Rules were revised in October 2014.

All Crown servants are subject to the Business Appointments Rules. The independent Committee advises on applications at the most senior levels. Other levels are dealt with by the relevant department. The Committee also advises on applications made by former Ministers.

In advising on an application, the Committee must consider the public interest in light of the Government’s Rules and the law on restraint of trade. The Committee may advise on a range of specific conditions to be applied in relation to any appointment.

The Rules apply to all appointments within two years of leaving office or Crown service. Once an individual notifies the Committee that he or she has taken up an appointment, the Committee will make public the advice and any conditions imposed by publishing details here.  

Advisory Committee's Annual Report published

The Committee today (29 October 2014) published its Fifteenth Annual Report, covering 2013-14.

Advertisement for new Chair and Members of the Advisory Committee 

The Cabinet Office is seeking applications for the position of Chair of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments, and for three positions as Members of the Committee.  The advertisement and further details can be found at