Advisory Committee on Business Appointments

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Former Crown Servants

Former civil servants, diplomats, members of the Armed Forces and members of the security services are subject to the Business Appointment Rules for two years after leaving Crown service, and, in certain circumstances, have to seek permission before taking up an outside appointment or employment during that period. The circumstances under which they must do so are set out in the Business Appointment Rules. If approval is required individuals must complete an application form and send it to their own HR department, who will consider it in line with the Rules and accompanying guidance.

Applications from the most senior individuals (Permanent Secretaries, Director Generals and their equivalents) are then sent to the Advisory Committee who advise the Prime Minister (the Foreign Secretary in the case of diplomats or the relevant First Minister with regard to applications from individuals working in the devolved administrations) on whether the appointment should be approved unconditionally or subject to a waiting period and/or other conditions.  Decisions on applications below the most senior level are the responsibility of the Permanent Secretary of the employing department.

Special Advisers at all levels are also subject to the Business Appointment Rules but in these cases the Advisory Committee makes its recommendation to the relevant Permanent Secretary.

The Advisory Committee publishes details of the appointments it has considered during the current reporting year, and that have been taken up, on this website. Information on earlier appointments can be found in relevant annual report.